Original article by Katharina Volkmer from The Makegood

Al Muzaurieta (right) is Founder & President, and Nedim Aruz is Co-Founder and Vice President of Good Apple Digital, a full service digital media planning and buying agency. The Makegood recently spoke with them about their niche in the marketplace, media planning and brand engagement.

The Makegood: Nedim and Al, you met each other over 10 years ago working as media planners at AvenueA/ Razorfish. What would you say was one of the lessons that you learned then that continues to help you do a better job now?

Al: In many ways Good Apple has become our attempt to recreate all the aspects we loved about the early days at AvenueA. It was important for us to create a team environment organization with a focus on high touch client service as well as data driven results. Additionally, Jim Warner (former President of AveuneA/Razorfish) always told us our number one goal was to get our clients promoted within their own organizations, we took the advice to heart. For an agency of our size, Good Apple has invested heavily to ensure our team has the skills, industry knowledge, planning and research tools so our clients (as well as their campaigns) are positioned for success.

The Makegood: In 2007, Good Apple was created as a small consultancy. What need did you see in the market, that your expertise was able to fill better than many of the larger media agencies?

Nedim: During our tenure at agencies such as Beyond, Razorfish & Ogilvy We became aware that there were many media clients with mid-tier budgets were being turned away or referred to smaller groups due to economics of how a larger agency staff accounts. We created a niche in the marketplace by creating an agency model where we place seasoned media teams (10+ years of experience) working 75-100% on accounts that larger agencies would normally assigned to junior teams staffed across 3-5 other clients.

The Makegood: Recently, Good Apple has been focusing on analytics to understand attribution better. Can you tell us about this initiative?

Nedim: Yes, currently the Analytics group within Good Apple has been testing attribution tools to determine how media mix impacts brand engagement all the way through to conversion and purchase behavior. Using business intelligence software, Good Apple is working to create a complete media graph that we plan to integrate into our propriety optimization scorecard.

The Makegood: As digital media continues to rapidly evolve the media and advertising industry must also focus on how to best monetize nontraditional display. What is Good Apple’s view on this? What are some best practices?

Al: In today’s world there are a myriad of non-traditional display to measure, test and learn from. The fragmentation of media has made the practice of media planning more challenging but also pushes us to continue to learn about ways to creatively solve for old problems. In 2012 alone we have launched custom branded stations on Pandora, Mobile video campaigns, large format rich media (Say Media, Portrait  & Masthead units), sophisticated re-marketing programs and even a XBox branded destination. It’s our view that the campaign approach and media selection process begins with the customer and it’s our job to always look for new ways to reach and engage with them.

The Makegood: Thanks, Al and Nedim.