Among adults, the Harvard/NIMH National Comorbidity Survey Replication found that 4.4% of adults, ages 18-44 in the US, experience symptoms and some disability from ADHD. Yet millennials lacked a credible, nationally known personality with whom they could connect. Shire's response was last June's "Own It" campaign, an unbranded effort featuring as its celebrity spokesman Adam Levine, lead singer of the pop-rock band Maroon 5.


The primary goal of Own It was plugging the knowledge gap in this demographic. Second was to motivate Gen Y-ers and adults who were previously diagnosed with ADHD to take an online quiz at OwnYourADHD.com, then talk with a doctor. That URL takes users to consumer health portal EveryDayHealth.com, where they can take the quiz developed by Psych Central, an online mental health network.

Lead media agency Good Apple also spread rich media and banner placements across MTV.com, Hulu.com and NBC.com. The agency was so accurate with placements, in fact, that some older ADHD patient advocates-who make it their business to track marketing activities-had not seen the campaign (see sidebar below, Patient POV).


500,000 quiz completes; more than 31,000 opt-ins to receive an ADHD Action Guide; more than 42 million views of the campaign video; and 93 million total impressions, including search, mobile and display.